God is the One you will always need and He should always come first and foremost and without hesitation be priority. You must understand that human beings can only do so much and are imperfect and will bring forth disappointment. There will be times where you will be going through spiritual warfare and no one can help you but God; a man/woman can pray for you but it is God that will bring you through that difficult situation. When you find yourself feeling alone on the battlefield, God is right there with you and protecting you from all weapons of the devil and you being in the shadow of His wings, you will find refuge. The peace that passes all understanding is nothing that can come from a man or a woman, but it especially comes from your Heavenly Father, the Almighty God. Before you decide to give your heart to a man/woman, make sure you place your heart into the hands of God. Trials and tribulations come to purge, strengthen and draw us closer to God. You must know that God doesn’t get joy in seeing His child suffering but His joy comes from you loving on Him; praise and worship and getting the glory out of your life. He loves to see His child smile and communicate to Him in prayer. Your heart is fragile like glass and it is to be handled with care. God love you and has a wonderful plan for your life and your best interests in mind. He will give the joy you never had and peace through the storms. Give Him your heart. You will be glad you did. ❤

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