What To When Satan Has A Hit Out On You

I am writing this post for a specific reason. It has been awhile since I have blogged but it is because I was working on a book πŸ“š (which is completed and published) and dealing with tremendous warfare (comes suddenly and without warning) and busy with the daily routine of life. First and foremost I want to say this. As Christians, you will be persecuted and the people you least expect will turn their backs on you but God will give you new friends to speak a word into your life to refresh πŸ”ƒ your spirit and give you encouragement. The battles you are facing right now is nothing compared to the glory God will reveal in your life; among your friends, family and foes. Trials and tribulations will come. You will suffer loss but will be restored. You will suffer slander and betrayal but will be vindicated and your enemies and those who have come against you will be put to shame. I must be real. The years 2016 and this year have been the most hellish of all time. Of course I know I’ve dealt with warfare but these years have been mor intense and it affected me physically, to a point where the stress of last year was causing my hair to break off and last year having to wear braids (weave) to get it back to growing. In August of 2016, I lost my car πŸš— in the Cincinnati flood, was asked to leave my apartment (due to the ignorance of my eldest daughter’s boyfriend and her having issues on our apartment complex property and in my apartment…(what a mess!)…) …I was forced to resign from my job due to no means of transportation and having to move before my lease was up. Fortunately (Thank God!) my landlord knew what I had been going through and she gave me a notice to move with no eviction attached to it. In September, I moved out of state sooner than I expected due to my circumstances. Doors had closed and finances dried up, making things uncomfortable.
Before I go any further I must say that people will not agree when God moves you or when you at obedient to Him. You still must go forth and press on towards the mark of the prize. Kids will not agree. Friends will not agree and most definitely your enemies will not agree but be obedient.
September of 2016, I relocated out of state and 15 days later I landed a job working at a place I enjoyed at a warehouse (seasonal) that paid more than my previous job and offered more hours. In December I was laid off. I saw a job opportunity but then I didn’t pay attention to it. The very end of January I saw the opportunity again, applied for it and was told my start date. Now. The devil hates when God blesses you so he sends distractions. During the time of starting this job came much warfare and the enemy did not want me to have this job. He tried to get me to give it up but refused. This one paid more than the last one and I was surprised and shocked because I was willing to accept the previous wage I had! My hair started growing and even my nails. In about six months I found my hair back to where it used to be and growing like dandelions in grass. I found peace and felt like I could breathe a little more. God restored some things I didn’t even pray for but He knew I wanted and needed. When I relocated I was able to finish my first Ebook! Praise God! ❀ When you feel like you are swimming in trials and tribulations, you have to keep your eyes on God as things come. Look at what is going on in the spiritual realm more so than the natural. Keep focused and pray without ceasing. If you find yourself falling asleep while praying, get up and walk around until you are finished. The devil hates when you pray. When you find yourself in a place to bless someone financially, do bless others as unto the Lord. When you are in a spiritual battle, you must fight back, even when you feel like the heat of the trial has burned you…hold onto your faith. I must tell you that everyone will mot be happy when you get blessed and elevated by God. Some people are not looking forward to your breakthrough season; for you to receive that house or even want you to have someone to call your own. As much of a heart you have for people, they will not have the same heart for you. The biggest warfare you will face is when you are either in the midst of a breakthrough or right before it…In less than a month I found myself with no car, no place to live and lastly no job. Doors were closed and folks wanted me to stay in a dry land and be on a constant struggle. People thought I had done something wrong when I lost these things and laughed behind my back and in my face, saying that God was punishing me for something. I rebuked them and made it clear that there is a reason for everything. God is in control. I didn’t know what God was doing ad even cried about things but I had to worship, pray and praise anyhow. You have to take time and laugh in the enemy’s face and fight him back with the word of God. Don’t back down because he got a hit out on you. Utilize your authority and remember who you are in God. Keep looking up and keep your eyes on God. He will make a way in the wilderness and cool off the fire. You will come out as golf and not smelling of smoke. Trust Him.❀ There is purpose in your trials, pain and tribulations. Press through. God has His eyes on you.

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