Why Am I Still Single?

There was a time where I questioned why I was not married and had no mate. I had went through a trying and painful time but I felt ready to be in a relationship. I saw people getting into relationships, having engagement parties, bridal showers and getting married. I had my share of feeling alone and left out but I didn’t allow my feelings to rule me. Facebook was a platform I used (and still use) to minister to other ladies. I had no idea I’d have a ministry to encourage other ladies who came from different walks of life but wanted to walk through the same door; having a godly love to call our own. This ministry suddenly manifested in the midst of me dealing with residual heartache, pain and spiritual warfare. The biggest battle I came up against during my singleness is the battle of the mind. I conquered the battle by professing the Word of God over myself, reading my Bible, praise and worship and being encouraged in the Lord. In my singleness, I found purpose for my pain and in exchange God would later give me beauty for my ashes.

Excerpt from “What Is The Reason For The Single Season”

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