Why God Doesn’t Give All Details Of An Assignment

I just want to let you know that God is a just God and He loves us so much. You must understand the love He has for us is to be shown to other people. In this world, you are going to run into some difficult people; some will grow to like you while some never will. You must keep in mind we are not here to be liked but to win souls for Christ; not to be be well known and popular.
Some of the assignments God gives can be revealed to you right away, along with the details; some will not and details be hidden for a long period of time. You will feel as if an assignment is so clueless and wonder, “What is going on?” In those moments, lean on God and He will show you everything you need to know. Some things you will feel “blind” to until due time. God knows His children and some of us have a stubborn streak that will not wait. In spite of the assignment, remember everything will work out for your good (Romans 8:28). Keep your eyes on the prize. God is pleased with your obedience. Trust Him.

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