Why I Wrote “What Is The Reason For The Single Season”

I wrote this book for the single men and women of God. There have been many ladies in whom I’ve counseled and ministered to over the years who were having issues dealing with their singleness and felt frustrated. Some of those ladies are courting, engaged and married now, but others still are waiting (some will not be for long 😊). I shared my testimony out of obedience and hoping it will encourage someone else. If you have not gotten a copy of my book, you may go to https://payhip.com/b/cKnV. The cost is $9.50 and it will bless you! Share this link with others and let’s encourage everyone we can! There are no preview pages so you will need to purchase before reading.
For those who would like an emailed copy: Please send your payment to delielaw7@gmail.com or you may use http://www.PayPal.me/DelielaWashington. You may comment on this post to leave me your email 📧 to send your copy or inbox me with your email address. God bless you. ❤

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