What To Do When You Are Suffering Persecution

As a man or woman of God, there will be trials and tribulations, ups, downs and disappointments. You may wonder there is a way of avoiding being falsely accused but there is not. If you find yourself in this position, the best thing to do is get on your knees to fast and pray. It doesn’t hurt to ask someone to intercede or to talk to someone to release your frustration. If you are single, there is less warfare but when you get married, it is twice the battle and warfare. Why? There are two people instead of one and the devil would like nothing better to chip away at the foundation you’ve built and to sift your marriage like wheat. This is jot the time to run or create distance between the two of you, but it is a time to pray. Trials are supposed to bring you closer together, not apart. I will say this and listen carefully. In marriage (or single), there will be battles you will need to face alone for your own spiritual growth and to draw closer to God. Any challenges we face in life should and will bring you closer to Him.❤

Why am I being persecuted?

Well. Without the testing of your faith or you going through, there would be no testimony nor glory to give to God. I want to make this perfectly clear. What you are going through right now is to help someone else. There is purpose for the constant attacks, blows and false accusations. This is the time where God will step in and show His power, vindication and glory in your life.

Proverbs 3:5,6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. I all ways knowledge Hi. And He shall direct your path.

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