There’s no such thing as a perfect person and all of us have flaws so don’t expect a person to be 100% great. Don’t allow people to criticize you and make you feel like you have to have all of your ducks in a row in order for you to step into a godly union. It is indeed not true and folks will feed you myths so you can stay stuck and feel down on yourself; the most insignificant and minute things can create a setback. You aren’t perfect and your mate will not be flawless; both of you will be each other’s mirrors and will have to sort out particular issues from both sides, past emotional and mental baggage. Things will be pointed out in you that needs to be plucked up out of you and vice versa; to separate what is holy and what’s not of God in each of you; at times it will hurt but it will be for your good. Both of you will learn and grow together and will be imperfectly perfect for one another.

Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.
As a life partner, we will learn to accept corrective criticism, make changes and respond in the same way we do with God when He points out something that needs to be corrected in us. The more we are purged, pruned and refined, the more Christlike we will become and love our spouses more properly and in the way God intended for us to love….unconditionally. (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)❀

The Importance of Submission

#Ladies…..It is a major role that a man takes on as a husband. He is the leader of the home and it is our jobs as women to be their helpmeets. We need to be more submissive and less combative; remembering we are on the same team as he is and serve the same God he does. When God instructs us to be submissive to our husbands, it is in obedience unto God and following biblical order and falling in line with God’s design. Just because you are submissive it doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice; you can agree to disagree but the final decisions are up to him since he is the head. He will be held accountable for the final decision making and you as his wife will be responsible for your actions. If you are having a problem with listening and being submissive, ask God in prayer for help so that it will make your husband’s burden lighter. No one wants to argue with his wife about submission when it is in the Word of God to do so. I know at times for ladies who have been independent and on their own, it can be a big adjustment but it is time to release independent mindsets and embrace being interdependent. Be his peace and not his war; cover him in prayer, peace and love. ❀ It is enough for him to go out and face the world’s troubles and come to his safe haven to deal with issues with his wife; his love, queen and woman of God. If there is an area in you that is not strong, consult God and He will strengthen you in the areas in your marriage where you are weak. God has you. Trust Him and your husband. πŸ’‘β€

Love God, Love You, Love People

People focus so much on whether another person loves them, pour out their heart and soul to another human being without loving themselves the same way. Before any of us can love another person we must loves ourselves first and get to know the One who is the source of love. Some people have a false perspective of love, as of it is all about them and them being pleasant all of the time. Well. That definitely is the wrong mindset because love is so much more than you know; that comes from the side of conditional love, loving that person as long as they do all of what you want. True love is sacrificial and in that love you will do things you may not feel like doing or forgiving a person for something they did or said to you and in certain situations it can be hard to do. We as human beings can be selfish and self-centered at times but is during those times that God will bring forth a dose of humility in a situation to purge you from being selfish and be more like Him. If you want to me like God and reflect His attributes then you must change your ways of looking at things, draw closer to Him; let Him love on you and in tun you will find that love you need to have for yourself, as well as others when you deal with other people. ❀
There will be people who will appreciate the love God gives through you and there will be others who will either take advantage and dismiss it altogether and in the way people have rejected Christ before and after His crucifixion and resurrection. I must say that there have been people in my life who I took up under my wing as a child of mine only for them to turn around and make an attempt to destroy my things, my way of life for my family as a woman of God and my relationship with my own children. I had been loving and Christlike towards them and they were ignorant towards me. I just had to forgive and push forward and allow God to fight my battles and arm myself in worship, prayer πŸ™ and warfare. In spite of how you love ❀ righteously, people will still turn their back on you; children, family, friends, the church and anyone you can think of.
Everyone will not understand the way you love but let that be their problem,not yours. Pray for them from a distance. Go will heal your wounds, your heart, your situation and will redeem you. Trust Him.πŸ’–

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The Pitfalls Of Single Parenting

When you have a child outside of wedlock, you step outside of the divine order and plan of God. You can Him for forgiveness for sinning against Him but there are consequences for the act(s) of disobedience; experiencing difficulties you didn’t have and responsibilities over things that you have to do on your own. You have to financially support yourself and your child without (or minimal) help; have to go to court to get child support and talk the boy/man into stepping up and doing his part to even buys pack of diapers and a few bottles. IT IS HARD AND NOT EASY! I have seen people who have seen my struggles with being a single mom and raising them by myself and still go and get pregnant and have a baby too! Some thinking that having a baby is easy and that the same thing won’t happen to them and they will have it in order…turn around and deal with even worse struggles.
Look. A man/boy will say anything good when you are still in that pregnancy shape, saying they will be there for you, but when you start showing and poking out, the mentality changes (especially if they are not of God and lack responsibility, self-control, selflessness and maturity), they are looking for a way out because it is sinking in they will be a father and playtime will be over. God sends people in your path to see their life lessons so you won’t make the same mistakes. If you are a single parent or about to be a single parent, hold onto God and do the best you can for your son/daughter. If you are a teen mom (or will be a teen mom), do take your parents advice, especially if your mom is or was a single mom. Get up and work on getting a job after you heal from delivering your baby and finish school 🏫 and let God be God in your life. The next man that gets you pregnant…let that be your husband, a man of valor, a son of the most High God and stop letting the devil sweet talk you. Make something of yourself. You DO NOT need a relationship with the father in order for him to be a parent to your child. Listen to God and keep your eyes πŸ‘€ open and your heart open to be obedient to Him. Don’t allow another man to sweet talk you into planting his seed 🌱 when he has not honored God, loves God nor has taking the legal steps in making you his wife and his treasure. Get crazy about God and less crazy about a person who has made your life miserable and hasn’t valued you as someone who is priceless to God. Don’t worry. God will provide and He will give you the tools, strength and wisdom to push through. Don’t be a fool for a man just because he got you pregnant, but be wise enough not to sin against the Most High God again.

I am not judging. I have been there and done that and suffered much before I rededicated my life completely back to the Lord. My story is deep but there is purpose in the pain I went through so I could be a vessel to help you with the help of God. Take your eyes off the messenger and take in the message. As a single mom, I struggled a lot and was oppressed financially. Some days money would come out of nowhere while other times I had to go to food pantries or had to delay a bill to buy groceries or pay a bill at the last minute, but that was a lesson for me to not rely on man but on God. The consequences of my disobedience came with a high cost. God still had His hands on me because I was still holding onto Him. Babies are beautiful and a gift from God and so are you so don’t settle (again) for being a baby mama again to the same dude when he can make you a wife to a man who will love you and your child. You are beautiful and of value because God made you and don’t allow a man treat you less than God treats you. God bless you. Your future is STILL bright. ❀

How To Cope With New Surroundings

When God calls you to move to another job or relocate, keep in mind that the circumstances will not always be uncomfortable. Yes. The excitement of moving to a new place is there but you will still gave moments of longing for the familiar and being comfortable in the old surroundings that you left. Moving to a place where you have a place to live, no job and possibly no means of transportation of your own can overwhelm any person. The last thing you want to feel is dependent upon another person and that all within itself can be stressful. Remember…things happen for a reason and there are moves that God has us make to stretch us and even bring forth more humility in us. It is during those times hidden insecurities surface to be wiped off by prayer and the blood of Jesus. Things may seem to be spiraling out of control and you can see no way to a breakthrough but that breakthrough is coming and you soon will have rest. Don’t give up or feel like you have to run back to the place (the old place) you call home. New wine 🍷 causes for new wineskins. Pray πŸ™ and stay positive to where God has taken you. If you have lost your means of transportation, God will restore it to you. If you had to resign from your job due to relocation or unforeseen circumstances, God will prepare the way for you to get another job that will accommodate you. Your puzzle pieces will come together and His favor will find you when you least expect it. Thank the Lord for everything, in spite of what you lost. You will recover it all. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Change is coming.

Let Fornication Go!

There are some people on here who seem to struggle with letting fornication go! They think that by having sex outside of marriage will bring forth what they truly desire deep down in their hearts… a lifelong companion and someone who will love them unconditionally and it is not so. When a relationship is built on lust….it is bound to crumble. When a marriage is built on lust, it is bound to crumble. Many people have married people who they had no business marrying because they got tired of sinning and wanted to no longer have sinless sex. Premarital sex blinds you and will make you think you’re truly in love with that person and you can’t see clearly until the blinders are snatched off of your eyes to make you realize….that you were living a lie. The person you married had been one you created in your mind….but over time the true character came out and it showed you that they were the wrong one the whole time! Fornication brings damage to your soul and unlawfully connects you to people who you never needed to be connected with in the first place. Lust is the dominant factor and marrying the wrong one will never form a happily ever after. God doesn’t go against His Word and He will never tell you to do what’s best. He wants you to have His best and only the enemy and his imposters…and workers want you to create a mess.

A Bit About Who You Will Marry

There is no such thing as a perfect person and that includes the person that you will marry. People are under the impression that all of this stuff has to be in order before they walk down the aisle, but that is indeed not true. Some men/women will come with baggage from previous relationships/marriages; some may have bad credit and a lot of bills that they have to pay. Some of you who have no children will have a husband/wife who has multiple children or if you have one child, your husband/wife may have multiple children; some will have baby daddies/mamas and ex-husbands/wives. Look at the hearts. ❀

For the women who own their own businesses:
You may make more than your husband but it doesn’t discredit him from being the head of the home nor does it give you a right to let him know in word, thought or deed that you make more money than he does; you still have to submit to him as unto the Lord. God made you successful to be a blessing to you both monetarily and now you two will be a team. What you both have is each other’s and there is no I in WE nor is there an I in team.

For the single moms:

God is sending a man of God to be a leader of your home and to reestablish godly order. As a mom, you are still the primary disciplinarian but as your husband, he has the right to speak up if your child is doing something wrong. If you happen to not be around, then you can address the issue when you get home (if any). The independent mentality needs to be traded for interdependent. God is sending a man to love you and your children and you have to be ready to get in the passengers seat and let him drive. If you think you have an issue letting him take over the reins then pray about it right now. Submission is required by the Lord in your marriage οΏ½ and God will bless your obedience by you honoring His Word.

For the single dads:

God is going to send you a wife who loves you and your children. She will also love God and may have her own children that you will grow to love as well. Make sure that the other parent (ex-wife/girlfriend) is respectful of her and you not allow her to be disrespected and reassure her. Keep it drama free.

Prayer is a powerful weapon. Make sure you two pray together daily and encourage one another and love each other with all your hearts. Don’t allow emotional baggage, fear, money or people around you discourage you from taking hold of the blessing God has given to you or about to give to you. All men/women are not the same and what God gives are beautiful blessings. οΏ½

Why You Should Move In Silence

It is imperative that certain things be kept to yourself. You can’t tell everything to everybody; each and every move you make is not everybody’s business. Unless that person is helping you move…nobody doesn’t need to know where and when until you get there (and if you want to reveal your arrival); getting married (unless you trust them and/or invited them)…tell them afterwards if you must because everyone is not going be happy for you no matter how sweet and nice you are; for your new job, new significant other or car. It is not that you are being mean but you are using wisdom.

Word For September 2016

September will be the month of many divine alignments and the manifestations of unexpected blessings and answered prayers. There will also be new connections and financial relief for many. Stay in tuned with His voice and be ready to move when He says move and go when He says go. The season has changed and will bring forth open doors and unexpected opportunities that you didn’t think were possible, but with God all things are possible. Restoration and redemption shall be your portion. New beginnings and sudden shifts in the atmosphere.

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Be Careful Who You Connect With In Life!

If you want to stay connected with a person because of their prophetic gift, that is wrong. You don’t depend on a person to hear what God is saying to you when you can pray and ask Him yourself. That is how people get caught up chasing after a gift in a person. The devil knows when people get lazy, not pray and will send a person to speak a word that can be detrimental to your destiny, resulting in you being lead astray and stuck. It is only then God will have to reveal truth to you in His Word or through one of His true prophets. Keep your eyes and ears open. Be lead by God and stop jumping on every prophetic call that you see and hear about. Use your discernment! Some of these conference call lines are lead by peoples egos, witchcraft and not of God and can open a can of warfare in your life that you never seen before being connected to the wrong people! Use your discernment! Don’t be so thirsty for a word that drink up something that didnt serve from one of His vessels. You don’t have to sow into a sermon to get blessed, but you can sow into a person or their ministry as lead by the Lord. You don’t have to pay or sow into a person so you can get a house, car, spouse, financial relief, etc. God gives seed σΎ€Ύ to the sower and He will TELL YOU and SHOW YOU where to SOW! Don’t allow anyone to bully you into giving to them or paying expenses that they need to pay for themselves. A ministry from God will have His stamp of approval on it and it is God who will bless who and what is His!